Take Good Care of Your Handpieces

Optimum handpiece performance means more efficient procedures, more comfortable patients and a more profitable practice.


Handpiece maintenance doesn’t need to be complicated, but it does need to be consistent.

Invest in high-quality equipment and maintenance products, understand the instructions, and establish a maintenance protocol that’s followed precisely every time. Use sufficient lubricant and optimum purge time. Make sure your autoclave equipment is functioning properly, and be sure handpieces are dry before using them again. Be aware of sounds, vibrations or performance problems that might indicate the need for service or replacement.

The Midwest® Automate® system performs handpiece maintenance correctly, every time. But even if you prefer manual cleaning and lubrication, we can help your staff understand how to do the job right, in compliance with CDC infection control guidelines.

In fact, DENTSPLY Midwest helped create the CE course on proper handpiece maintenance. Download Dental Handpiece Maintenance and Repair today. You’ll learn everything you need to earn two CE credits – and maximize the life and performance of all your handpieces.

Top Tips for Handpiece Maintenance

  1. Never wipe your handpiece down with a chemical disinfectant.
  2. To ensure complete bearing coverage, apply enough cleaner/lubricant to overflow from the handpiece head.
  3. Make sure you're injecting lubricant into the proper hole – the drive air line that goes to the turbine.
  4. Always use the manufacturer’s recommended lubricant.
  5. Clean excess debris from the chuck at least once a week to help prevent the bur from coming loose during a procedure.
  6. Never immerse the handpiece in any liquid or place it in an ultrasonic cleaner.
  7. To maintain optimum light quality, clean the fiber optic/LED lens with water and/or isopropyl alcohol.
  8. Unless the handpiece utilizes a wrench-activated chuck, remove the bur when cleaning, lubricating, expelling and sterilizing.
  9. Always expel excess lubricant by running the handpiece after lubricating and before autoclaving.


Even with proper maintenance, bearing assemblies, chucks and other moving parts inevitably wear. Do-it-yourself repair kits and unauthorized service centers are practically a guarantee of shortened handpiece life due to substandard parts and workmanship.

We think you’ll prefer our guarantee. We’ll pick up your handpiece, repair it using genuine parts, and return it to you in just two business days, roundtrip. Handpieces more than 20 years old are still on the job, thanks to our Midwest® Air Repair℠ service.

Call the Air Repair pick-up service hotline at 800-800-7202.


When your handpiece is beyond repair, our Midwest Air Repair service people will let you know why. That’s when it’s time to choose the best. Learn about our newest model and what dentists are saying about it: the Stylus™ ATC high-speed handpiece.