Why you should use the Automate® system for handpiece maintenance

In clinical studies, correct cleaning and lubrication have proven to be the most important factors for handpiece performance and longevity. But two-thirds of dentists rate their staff’s knowledge of handpiece maintenance as low to average.

Are you confident you’re getting the most out of your handpieces? Rest assured with the Midwest® Automate® system.

  • Thoroughly remove debris, precisely lubricate all moving parts and accurately expel excess – automatically

  • Ensure consistent maintenance every time, with minimal staff training

  • End the excess mess of manual handpiece maintenance

  • Reduce handling and cleanup time by more than 80 percent, so your staff can focus on patients and procedures

  • Optimize long-term performance with quality maintenance

Two out of three dentists who use automated handpiece maintenance systems say their turbines last longer.

Three out of four say it takes less time to maintain their handpieces.

Three out of five say automated handpiece maintenance is essential to their practice.

What will you say when you try the Automate® system?

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