Automate® System Information and Resources

Automate® System Information and Resources

Click to watch our Automate® system video, get instructions, learn about accessories, take the CE course in handpiece maintenance and more.

Orientation Videos

Automate® System Overview Video

Learn how the Automate® system can make you and your practice more efficient and effective.

Automate® System Demonstration Video

See how easy it is to streamline your handpiece maintenance.

Automate® System Competitive Comparison Video

See the difference between the Automate® system and other handpiece maintenance systems.


Automate® System User Instructions

Learn how easily the Automate® system fits into your office and workflow.

Automate® System Maintenance Coupler Reference Guide

Get information and part numbers for Automate® system maintenance couplers.

Low-speed Maintenance Adapter User Instructions

Learn how to connect a Midwest® low-speed straight attachment, contra angle sheath or U-style adapter.

Quick-Connect Maintenance Adapter User Instructions

Learn how to connect a Midwest® Quiet-Air® or Midwest Tradition® high-speed handpiece with a Quick-Disconnect.

Midwest® Plus Aerosol Spray User Instructions

Learn how to use our handpiece maintenance cleaner and lubricant, either manually or on the Automate® system.

Continuing Education

CE Course on Handpiece Maintenance and Repair

Download the complete course, including all the answers you need to earn two CE credits.

Sales Collaterals

Automate® System Brochure

Download our four-page brochure detailing the Automate® system features, advantages, options and supplies.

Reorder Information

Get illustrations and part numbers for all adapters, supplies and replacement items.

Print Ad

Download the full-page, full-color ad.

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